Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla

Rural Health Camp & Contributions to Organic Farming & Agriculture

A True Son of the Soil Planting Seeds of Rural Changes

A larger than life personality of Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla is admired for many reasons – for his selfless service as an eminent physician in both India and abroad, his patronization for art, talent and culture, his contribution to philanthropic activities in cash, kind and more importantly implementation on the ground, as an ardent environmentalist, recognition for his teachers and fellow alumni, staunch patriot and so on.

A polymath with a heart of gold, Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla is truly one in a million who matches words with deeds whose sheer intensity has broken through formidable impediments in different projects at various times. No wonder, he is often referred to as a Bhageeratha and a warrior among his friends and family.

One particular aspect of Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla which is often not well known is how he is a true son of the soil. As a farmer’s son who went on to become an accomplished physician offering compassionate care, Dr. Ramesh Nath Lingutla knows first-hand the difficulties that villages, farmers and villagers face. This has driven him to take up multiple projects and ensure that all are part of the growth story of the country.

Rural Health Challenges

Medical facilities are also usually lacking in rural areas and many a time, treatable conditions like cataract are often neglected for sheer want of knowledge and resources thereby lead to blindness. Similarly, many villagers are not aware of various health conditions or screened regularly for the same. An untreated or unrecognized health condition can cause severe health complications over time.

It pained Dr.Ramesh’s heart to see how the real people who play a key role in ensuring that the country is well-fed and has adequate food security often neglect or do not care for their personal health and well-being. Similarly, it was also his drive and vision to ensure that the best facilities for screening and health check ups were available to rural areas to help pick early health indicators for a deeper diagnosis and treatment.

To address the challenge of creating awareness and ensure health screening for rural areas, Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla sponsored the Health camp by “TATA Cancer Hospital (SVICCAR) and other Specialist doctors” conducted on 16-July-2023. Apart from the screening, routines or basic investigations like Blood Sugar testing, Checking B.P etc were also conducted for all.

Pre visit of Villages by Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla with Rotary club President Pani Rajkumar, and Tata Cancer Hospital Coordinator Hemanth on 24.06.2023.

Dr. Ramesh Nath Lingutla’s Contributions to Rural Health

The camp site was 20 KM from Chandragiri at the Z.P. High School located in a village by name Anuppalli in the Ramachandra Mandal. It was central to the village cluster and all inhabitants from the five surrounding villages – Rekhala chenu, Gokhalapuram, Uppili Vanka, Gadda kinda palli and Nemali Gunta Palli were made part of this initiative.

REACH GLOBAL FOUNDATION, ROTARY CLUB and TATA CANCER INSTITUTE Free Cancer Screening Medical Camp at Z.P High School, Anumpalli, Ramachandrapuram Mandal on Sunday, 16th July 2023.

A team of eminent physicians including Dr. Hemanth Kumar (Orthopedic consultant), Dr. Dharani Chowdary (Dentist), Dr. Raghuramulu (Physician), Dr. Lavanya (Physiotherapist) and Dr. Indira (Ophthalmologist from Navjeevan) were part of this initiative.

With Physician and Orthopedic Surgeon @ the Camp site.

Physiotherapist Dr.Lavanya.

The program was well organized and information about the program was made beforehand by conducting announcements in the villages and by distributing pamphlets. Even though many would like to attend the camps, there would often be economic challenges to travel from the village cluster to the central camp site. To overcome this, free transport to and from the various villages to the camp site was also provided. Further, the camp was conducted on a Sunday and being a holiday, all stakeholders could achieve maximum benefit out of the camp.

The program was a huge success and many villagers profusely thanked Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla and the team of doctors, organizers and other professionals for initiating the positive change. Many Rotarians also joined and participated and the program and the initiative were well received and appreciated by stakeholders from all quarters.

Contributions to Organic Farming and Agriculture

Another key aspect of rural life is agriculture, animal husbandry and food production. With a deeply spiritual and equally scientific background, Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla recognized how food and human life were closely interrelated. He also was aware during his service as a physician in India and abroad, how use of chemical fertilizers had resulted in the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria and of the adverse impact on human health because of the bioaccumulation. Further, the uncontrolled use of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides results in upsetting the food chain and this can lead to ecological disruption.

However, farmers and agricultural practices cannot be changed overnight. It requires steady support, encouragement and real education at all levels. As someone with a 360° view of all aspects of farming and agriculture and beyond, Dr.Ramesh decided to undertake programs to address the root cause and offer the empathy and support necessary to make such tremendous changes.

As a part of health camps conducted on 16-July, separate programs were also conducted on creating awareness about organic farming. Agricultural Officers Gangadharam and Rajendra Reddy addressed the farmers about the importance of organic farming and the associated best practices. Organic seeds and saplings of high quality were also freely distributed on behalf of the Reach Global Foundation, of which Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla is the chairman.

Closer home, in Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla’s own SRM Nagar Garden Farm, organic farming is practiced extensively and with correct planning, implementation and monitoring. Festive occasions like Sankaranthi are also well celebrated and all staff are made well-aware of different organic practices under guidance from experts. As a farmer’s son, Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla brings true empathy and all staff are taken care like family.


As the chairman of the Reach Global Foundation and an active Rotarian, Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla has played a key role in adopting and transforming villages with several programs. It is no doubt that his continued contributions will continue to create positive change and lead the country from ground up to a bright and green future.

It is equally notable that Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla has already adopted the village of his birth and undertaken extensive activities there. More details please click the below button. 

The Inspiring Leadership of Visionary Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla