Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla

ISO 9001 and Beyond

The Inspiring Leadership of Visionary Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla

Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla has always been a towering personality, (both literally and figuratively!). A son of the soil, he has been instrumental in thinking ahead of time on many occasions both during his service as a doctor and in his people-related activities. The innumerable lives he has touched and his positive contributions to society continue to transcend all artificial barriers of caste, creed, religion etc.

One more feather in his already full cap is the achievement of the ISO 9001-2015 certification for the Reach Global Foundation of which he is the founder. It is notable that Reach Global Foundation is already registered in the United Nations (UN) and has been in dedicated and committed service for more than a decade as an NGO.

The Background and Achievement

Usually, achieving an ISO 9001-2015 certification can be challenging for an NGO due to several reasons. NGOs are usually thought of to have limited resources and expertise in the ISO domain. Further, the organizational structure may be complex and engagement in diverse activities can cause challenges in standardization. Documenting and demonstrating compliance with the requirements of ISO is also not straight-forward.

Under the inspiring leadership of Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla, Reach Global Foundation was able to achieve the ISO certification (certificate no: BRIT05727), thereby setting a benchmark for all NGOs in the region. The certifying organization was Brit Qualis, a respected certifying agency. Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla’s meticulous attention to detail of every aspect, absolute transparency in operations and humaneness in training and skilling various stakeholders were positive observations and deep source of appreciation from the auditors.

Further, with his extensive work experience in Western countries and in India, deep cultural understanding and process-mindset ensured that Reach Global Foundation can now be counted among the best in NGOs in delivering selfless service to society across various domains such as health, education, orphanages, elderly and child welfare, physically and mentally challenged individuals, rural empowerment and service during calamities.

Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla is a man who believes more in implementation and bringing actual change on the ground by improving the quality of life of people. This aspect is perfectly mirrored by the ISO certification.

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Post the achievement of the certification, a cordial get together was organized in the premises of Shilparamam (Urban Haat) on 17-July-2022 in Tirupathi. The event was extensively covered in local newspapers and the Doordarshan television channel and plaudits and accolades poured in from multiple quarters.

Local Newspaper Coverage

Doordarshan Television Channel Coverage

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The function got off to a ceremonial and auspicious start with the lighting of the lamp.

Invitees to the function included all the persons that Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla has interacted with and people from different walks of life and service including his family members, doctors, college mates and alumni members, business heads, prominent personalities, advocates, members other service organizations (Rotary club, Govindadamam, Navajeevan, Tirupathy film society, fine arts association etc), lecturers, former nurses and staff members of his hospital, youth and dignitaries.

The icing on the cake was that the event was also the Doctor’s day. The cake cutting was symbolic of both the professional contribution and personal achievements through the Reach Global Foundation of Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla and of the untiring service of doctors and health care professionals across the globe.

The aim of the program again underscored the selflessness and service-mindedness of Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla. It was to inspire more and more NGOs in their journey of service and for motivating the youth, who are the future of the nation, to stay humble, sincere and service-minded. It was the rallying call and key message from Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla – one that he has been an exemplary example of – a farmer’s son and service to the motherland, rather than earning reputation or lucrative pay packages in foreign lands.

To encourage talent and bring additional cheer, Bharatanatyam, other cultural programs and performances by a mimicry artist were also part of the event. The event was spread over a complete day with delicious food and snacks being provided.

A documentary was played on Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla’s service. A Telugu song ‘Telugu Tejam’ was also played on his services and contributions. The documentary and song were produced by an actor and effectively encapsulated the service of Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla to his village, the country, the medical college and fraternity, during natural calamites, to orphanages and individuals etc.

Dr.LRN's Documentary


The ceremony also included the presentation of mementos to various achievers and stakeholders. A student who had difficulties in continuing medical education in Ukraine due to the Russia-Ukraine war was also identified and support was extended.

Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla was extensively felicitated by various stakeholders spread across different walks of life and layers of society. Specifically, senior doctors like Dr. Raja Reddy and Dr. Premanand recapped the various contributions of Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla and showered praises on how he was like a Bhageeratha and a veritable one-man army in achieving the construction of the alumni building in the premises of Sri Venkateswara Medical College (SVMC). A senior research scientist also recapped how Dr. Ramesh Nath Lingutla is a versatile personality and about his involvement, contribution and passion for organic farming.

Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla’s contributions as a COVID warrior, where he did not mind putting even his life in danger to serve society were also highlighted.
Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla is extremely humble, though well-recognized for his service and contributions on multiple fronts. Captivating, charismatic, erudite and a man of the people, he was much sought after for a word and for photos and selfies.


The sincere invite for the function from the bottom of Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla’s heart resonated with the people and the response and attendance was overwhelming. The program was an astounding success, and all were overwhelmed by the affectionate gestures. The tremendous effort put in for organizing and rolling out the program was felt in the sweet fruit of the program’s success.

With the blessings of the Almighty and the heartfelt wishes of the people, it is no doubt that Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla is the ‘Telugu Tejam’ serving and guiding society in the right direction now and in the future.