Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla

Urgent Care Revenue Cycle Management Support Services

Urgent Care Revenue Cycle Management Support Services Build Value Through a Digital Vision For Patient Centered Care The arrival of the Covid-19 lockdown, with the de facto mandatory deployment of telemedicine has had a broad impact on healthcare. Leveraging this digital opportunity is far more than adopting technology and rolling out Zoom access for your […]

Deep Accounts Receivable Resolution

Deep Accounts Receivable Resolution Getting paid for medical care is hard.    It is not enough for doctors and providers to understand the overall revenue potential of their planned services, they must solve the details of getting paid day-to-day.  This means no claim can be left behind.  Best performing practices collect 97% or more of […]

Gold Standard

The FoundationFor Value Management Success Gold has been the symbol of value for centuries. Pure gold needs no interpretation, it embodies the hallmarks of quality and authenticity. Beyond the measurable performance criteria of our Gold Standard is the personal commitment to service and quality of each of our account managers for our clients. ◦ 95+ […]

Value Cycle Management

Value Cycle Management-Think Total Practice Value My patients. Most doctors think of their medical practice with mental images of their patients in mind. How many, what challenges are they facing, how can I best help them? If managing quality clinical care defined success, then achieving top value performance would be simpler. But a medical practice […]