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Urgent Care Revenue Cycle Management Support Services

Build Value Through a Digital Vision For Patient Centered Care

The arrival of the Covid-19 lockdown, with the de facto mandatory deployment of telemedicine has had a broad impact on healthcare. Leveraging this digital opportunity is far more than adopting technology and rolling out Zoom access for your patients. Urgent care is particularly positioned to implement the digital future of medicine. A digital strategy involves much more than a technology add on. Reimagining your practice as a digital, multi communications channel service for your patients and staff requires an integrated digital communications and service strategy.

MDCommerce urgent care support services, leverages the leading integrated AdvancedMD EMR and Practice Management platform with MDC urgent care support services. AdvancedMD supports individual users uniquely, while supporting agreed upon clinic or group best practice processes. MDC brings the staff expertise for a whole solution.
Whether you are looking for a complete back office integrated solution, specialist expansion of your existing administrative team or a Telemedicine platform for remote services, the MDCommerce Integrated Medical Information Team can help you achieve the Gold Standard infrastructure you need that will pay for itself and more in patient satisfaction and increased collected revenue and net operating profit.

Build Value Through a Winning Team

Enhance revenue and lower costs through Expert Staff with work hours tailored to your needs.

Build a winning team by leveraging your RCM, MA and front desk staff with MDCommerce remote Staff Extension support. Our reliable experts work the hours you set, and show up on time, every day to ensure their role in your office patient flow is performed to your exacting requirements. We come along side your staff to support clinical and patient services.

Build Value Through Focused Payer Contracting

Urgent care has unique payer contracting requirements. Patients arrive from a larger geographic region than the typical primary care practice. Often, they cross state lines. Tracking and negotiating contracts with a much larger set of payers, requires constant contract monitoring to ensure the maximum number of patients can use their health insurance coverage for their urgent medical needs. The MDCommerce contracting support team enables timely performance at lower costs.

Build Value Through Effective Credentialing

Urgent care often has a changing medical team. Each new provider needs to be credentialed with payers. Tracking new and renewal credentials with payers is a constant process that must be tightly managed to avoid payment denials. The MDCommerce credentialing team supports urgent care administration with a diligent, organized, efficient process the practice administration can rely upon.

Build Value Through Gold Standard RCM: Coding and Chart Review

Urgent care billing starts at the front desk. Urgent care has a much higher percentage of one-time visits with cash and credit card payment along with insurance coverage. Payment tracking and receipt success starts with effective information gathering at intake, including patient follow up post visit. To maximize insurance payments, checking patient eligibility and benefits coverage at intake is crucial for problem free insurance payment. Visit support with correct coding and accurate chart notes review is crucial to 95% plus first pass payment. The MDCommerce Extended RCM team, with certified automated and manual eligibility review and certified coder chart review takes the ambiguity out of insurance billing for complete and predictable revenue cycle management.

Build Value with Telemedicine New Products and Ways to Serve Patients

Medicare has established over 100 new codes for remote patient care. MDCommerce Telemedicine Back Office using AdvancedMD telecare technologies provides a complete operational platform with remote Medical Assistant, built in revenue cycle management, remote medical equipment monitoring along with the entire cloud suite of remote care technologies: remote secure video and phone visits, e-Prescribing, Patient Portal, Online Scheduling, Secure Messaging, Online Intake and Payment and Care Plan follow up.

Urgent care is uniquely positioned to deliver remote and after-hours care including MDCommerce telemedicine nurse answering for 24 hour phone based clinical support. MDCommerce specialists can help urgent care practices think through the patient consumer experience, to ensure patient focus, quality care and better net at the bottom line.

Build Value with AI and Smart Digital Reporting

• What would you like to see in your inbox that tells you how your practice is performing?
• Who are your patients, how often do they access care, and what are their primary
• What is the composition of your AR? By aging, payer, patient?
• Which payers are slow? Why?
• Do you need to provide real time answers to patients about costs, care options and outcomes?
• Do you need to support your fee schedule and negotiate with payer from strength based on value and outcomes?
• Do you need to track patient care revenue and expenses by service, location, provider?

Turn the resource of integrated data in your EMR and Practice Management, and patient engagement platform into insight that drives patient satisfaction and higher bottom line net.

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