Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla

A Universal Humanitarian,Cosmopolitan and An Ambassador for Global Peace

Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla an Untiring Warrior

Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla as an expert physician and with his untiring service epitomises the very spirit of giving. A true ‘karma yogi’, service without expecting returns is his motto and motivation. As a person who is well-travelled, erudite, well-read and having exposure to different situations, conditions and occasions, Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla qualifies perfectly as a universal humanist and humanitarian in more than one way. Whether it is victims of terrorism, natural disasters, war or anything else, it is the empathy that matters, and empathy must move and individual to action to make a real difference in the lives of those affected.

Though a high-flying professional, Dr.Ramesh Nath never forgot his roots nor did he lose his humanness and compassion, which were lauded on several occasions during his service in both India and abroad. From adopting the village of his birth to putting his own life in danger to serve people throughout, Dr.Ramesh Nath has never shied away from challenges – be they the physical risks they pose, the monetary mountain to climb or the logistical challenges to surmount.

Deeply spiritual, he is a firm believer in the scriptural words

Vasudhaiva kutumbakam

 (the whole world is one family)

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu

(May all beings everywhere be happy and free).

It is only a person of absolute selflessness and a broad mind who can understand the deep meaning behind the above words, digest and assimilate them and bring them into practice. As humans, we are all caught up in our own little worlds and challenges thereon. Only a truly universal humanist and a wholly unselfish individual can go to the root of the above and reflect the same in their thoughts, speech, actions and activities. They are the greatest reformers and positive guides to society.

A study of the lives of Mahatma Gandhi, Abdul Kalam or Nelson Mandela will only show how they epitomized the above. Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla in our present day is definitely one among those shining luminaries who brings wide perspective across all areas – regionally, nationally and internationally.

Peace Rallies and Messages

Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla has conducted peace rallies and marches on several occasions. He is a firm believer in the “Universal Brotherhood” representing “Oneness of Society” and the all-embracing nature of challenges we all need to overcome, be the sectarian divides, acts of barbarity and terrorism or anything else.

In 2014, Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla organized the first peace rally to bring attention to the brutal killing of children in Peshawar, women in Afghanistan and attack by Bodo militants on tribals in Assam. It was conducted in Thirupati from the Ghantasala Circle to the NTR Circle.

A great organizer and patriot, he ensured that the rally was conducted in a disciplined manner, with full police permission and did not cause any inconvenience to the general public. 

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Rotary Club Peace Rally

Children Welfare

Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla has been a key contributor to UNICEF and has a deep love for children and the youth. As the future of the world and the respective communities, Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla has always emphasized all round growth and development. Everywhere, he does not see any difference. All are his own children and grandchildren and as a down to earth individual, he moves with everyone such. This also makes him encourage talent at various levels and patronise arts. 

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Messages for World Peace During Corona

The Corona pandemic caused huge devastation globally and in the early days, many countries struggled to contain the disease. Lockdowns were initiated and travel came to a complete stop. There was desperation all around and the mental health of many people, along with the physical health suffered. It was a period of great darkness.

Based on his experience as an NRI physician, Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla came up with a peace message for all of humanity on behalf of the Reach Global Foundation. He emphasized how mankind was faced with a single enemy in the Corona virus and the lessons the epidemic has taught. He reiterated that we must bring a greater sense of humanity and kindness moving forward and not be caught up in our egos, selfishness or anything else. A television interview was also given and the message was well received and appreciated by all from around the globe.

Covid Relief

His complete message can be found in the above video.

His untiring services during the Corona period through his Reach Global Foundation and in his personal capacity have been captured


The Corona pandemic has been ravaging


In Recognizing and Supporting Other Unsung COVID Warriors

Contributions to Relief for Ukraine War Victims and Others Affected

Recently, Russia has invaded Ukraine and the war is still ongoing. In the initial phases, there was total chaos and many Indian students studying in Ukraine were forced to return.

During the function to celebrate Reach Global Foundation being awarded the ISO certificate, Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla also extended financial support to a girl student studying in Ukraine. Looking at his example, other donors also came forward and subsequently, she was able to fly back and continue her education.

Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla also encourages his grandchildren and others near him to contribute selflessly and generously thereby imbibing in the next generation, the spirit of giving.

Apart from the above, Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla has also been an outspoken critic of unnecessary war and has contributed generously to the Ukraine war victims fund through the Rotary International.

Donated towards "Disaster Relief Fund for alleviating the sufferings of Ukraine War Victims.

Turkey–Syria Earthquake

On 6-Feb-2023, a powerful earthquake shook the Turkey–Syria region. There was widespread damage spread over 350,000 sq km and the damage was catastrophic. Overnight, more than 1.5 million people were left homeless and about 14 million people were affected.

Even before it was declared one of the deadliest disasters in modern history, Dr. Ramesh Nath Lingutla immediately understood the gravity of the damage and the humanitarian crisis unfolding there given on his world-wide travel, background in medicine and previous experience in these scenarios. The humanitarian in him, one transcending all barriers and boundaries, arose and he immediately plunged into action.

The first was to create an awareness on the situation and the second was the raise of funds to support the victims. Normally, when people are far away, they are unable to relate to the pain of victims of natural calamities or catastrophises. It is a part of human psychology and the physician in Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla perfectly understood that.

The death toll was rising fast and Dr.Ramesh was driven to make a difference. He realized the power of unity and service and immediately took steps to reach out to various NGOs and other organizations.

Along with the Reach Global Foundation (of which Dr.Ramesh Nath is the chairman), other organizations like the Rotary club, Lions Club, Junior Chambers(JCs), Red Cross, Walker’s Association, Way Foundation, Govindadamam etc., all came together under one common banner and theme and a joint coordination committee was formed. Under his effective leadership, a press meet was conducted, and a rally was subsequently organized.

This joint power and team work not only helped reach more people and create the necessary awareness in and around the Thirupathi area, but was also instrumental in gathering much-needed funds to help the people of Turkey and Syria. A powerful and moving orator, he gave interviews to various channels and urged one and emphasized on the message of universal peace brotherhood and support for each other as fellow humans during a natural disaster, how various agencies were working under difficult weather conditions (-4°C), the destruction of buildings and infrastructure and how the event was an overall heart-breaking event.

Press meet about Rally:

Press Meeting about Rally details by Telugu Regional News Paper publications.

A stalwart that he is, Dr.Ramesh Nath led the rally as one and all followed in the message of peace and brotherhood during the rally from Chenji Plaza near Ghanta Sala Circle to Nalugu Kalla Mantapam, both prominent landmarks in Thirupati.

It is notable that apart from the physical rally, Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla also took a lead in contributing generously to the Rotary Foundation in support of the victims of the earthquake.

The event was widely publicised and well covered in different media channels and newspapers. It only went on to prove the absolute humanitarian and humanist that Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla is. His kindness is not limited to his people, his state or his country alone.

During Rally:

Telugu Regional News Paper publications after Rally mentioning Rally was successful.


Words are but mere expressions. It is the life and intent behind them that matter. The writeup in all humility only attempts to do justice to the giant of a personality like Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla, NRI physician par excellence.

Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla continues to transcend both words and actions with his impeccable integrity and genuine service and the world and the people wish more to come!

A true Visvamaanavadu who has been recognized and appreciated by all and a veritable Telugu Tejam, the Rotary Club President Mr. Phaniraj Kumar words aptly sum up Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla’s nature and contributions:

Being Humane is his recognition.
Helping and kindness is his personality.
Charity is another name for him.
Responding to calamity anywhere is his heart’s nature.
Love for motherland and compassion for victims are his incredible assets.

Dr. Ramesh Nath Lingutla is the supreme form of everything.

The Inspiring Leadership of Visionary Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla