Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla

Felicitated at NATA

At Chittoor NRI’s meeting in Dallas at President’s request, with my close acquaintance and goodness I could take Dr. Prem Reddy, my brother in law Dr. Jayaram Naidu (Senior Cardiologist in US) & others too to Chittoor NRI’s meet. On my request I could make Dr. Prem Reddy (NATA Founder), NATA Elect Rajeswara Reddy, Satish Vemana (TANA) and other ATA leaders etc. also I could make all of them to sit together on dais. It was a good mix and rare pic. You can see previous pic. On request I addressed and gave a message “we love our home, we love our Caste or religion, we love our foundation NATA, TANA or ATA or NATS (what ever) but beyond and above all we being NRIs and in high positions, we all proved we are intellectuals and we under one word as Indians should also prove ourselves as super good human beings. You should all meet like this frequently. So besides your own (NATA or TANA or ATA) we all should collectively think in common how Good we can give back and do contribute what ever little to our country. I started giving back my mite to my village and all other communities deserved in Motherland. Please give back to your villages & help what ever. Everybody appreciated my gesture and clapped well, they felicitated me too at Dallas.