Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla

Dr. Nath’s Professional Excellency in England.

1) Dr.Ramesh Nath Lingutla, all through his career, had maintained a high standard of professional care. He was an experienced, skillful and committed Anesthetist of high caliber who had always shown keen responsibility towards his patients.

2) He had commendations in all the hospitals where he worked. His determination towards any project assigned to him, or issue related towards his service delivery, or efforts towards departmental teaching he proved himself in all occasions.

To his credit he had more than eight (8) excellent appraisals besides 360 degrees appraisal.

Dr.Lingutla’s Contributions to his anaesthetic department.
Redesigning of the Anaesthetic chart.
Anaesthetic Machine Log Book
Department Journal Cub.
L.A blocks for Ophthalmic Surgery.

His Contributions towards Teaching.
He was appointed as “Regional Clinical Supervisor” by the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine. Student doctors valued his teachings, they very well appreciated.

In the year 2007 he had been invited as Examiner for Final year MBBS examinations at Cambridge.

To his credit he had made good presentations and delivered wonderful lectures at department journal club meetings.

His audits in England improved the quality of service to patients and also improved the satisfaction of patients.

He was invited and participated in a Panel discussion at a “West London Television Studio” on the topic “Our parents back home, their Healthcare needs, Social and Psychological issues” which was broadcast ed in all the regions of England.

Management activities and Management Roles held
British Medical Association (BMA) Local Negotiating Committee (LNC) Representative.

Eastern Regional BMA Chairman.

Medical Director’s commendations for his continued commitment of work.

Commendations from Associate Director – Dr. Lingutla never went on sick leave and was a roll model for them all. His appreciations for Dr. Lingutla’s commitment and hard work.

Commendations from Appraisers – Dr.Lingutla’s colleagues and other consultants should take his approach to CPED as an example of what to do and how to do it.

No. of commendations from his patients.”Dr.Lingutla should be knighted” etc.They all bear evidence to his polite, professional, humane touch and empathy in his clinical work.

Membership: He used to abreast his knowledge always by updating as a continued
Member of the
“Royal College of Anaesthetists” (RCA)
The Intensive Care Society, (ICS),
The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland. (AAGBI),
Obstetric Anaesthetists’ Association (OAA),
British Ophthalmic Anaesthetists Association (BOAS),
East Anglian Anaesthetists Association (EAAA).

Courses & Conferences — CPD / CME Activities.
Dr.Lingutla’s CPED Activities showed a clear understanding of the purpose of CPED and a clear determination to grow as a Doctor and as an Anaesthetist.

On the whole all his colleague Consultants felt Dr.Lingutla as a competent and a good colleague with all Professional skills, Teaching skills, Communication skills, Organizational Skills and Management skills.

Dr. Lingutla is proud to say that he had set some protocols and Benchmarks to a British Hospital which they are still following since the year 2004.